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Principal's Message

It is my pleasure as Principal to welcome you to Foothill Technology High School.

Foothill Technology’s teachers, counselors, staff, and administrators are dedicated to supporting your child's success as they navigate the rigors of their college and career goals.

Foothill is a magnet school where students enroll through a random and unbiased lottery process. The mission of Foothill Technology High School is to encourage an environment in which inquiry is welcomed and learning has continuity and relevance. Our staff supports positive interaction among all stakeholders. The goal is for all students to be prepared to compete and excel in the technologically advanced world of tomorrow.

Foothill Technology High School has a culture centered on academic excellence with the belief that students will succeed in a rigorous environment when they feel connected to school and are supported by school wide intervention programs. The small size of the student body allows an opportunity for meaningful staff and student relationships. An active ASB organizes many student-centered activities to foster student connectedness. Additionally, our nationally recognized Renaissance program motivates students through academic recognition for high grades as well as for academic growth and improvement.

The staffulty at Foothill have rededicated themselves to providing an excellent curriculum that is aligned through standards based assessments and project based learning. It is clear that we need inquiry and engagement in our curriculum more than ever before in order to better prepare our students for demands of the 21st century.

We pride ourselves on being an example of a true 21st century learning environment. We are now a 1:1 device school that embraces the Google Education Platform and Canvas Learning Management System. Our teachers have received specialized training in these tools to maximize the learning potential of every student in every classroom.

Foothill Technology has a tradition of offering high quality and engaging pathways. Foothill Technology currently offers pathways in Product Innovation & Design (DTech), Biotechnology, Software & Systems Development (Computer Programming), Design, Visual & Media Arts (Grafx), and Education. Students have many opportunities to experience a rigorous college class through our Advanced Placement (AP) program, and nationally recognized Journalism program, while also preparing for college readiness through our high achieving AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Students can also continue our competitive legacy through our athletics program, which participates in the Tri-County Athletic Association.

I invite you to stay connected to your child’s progress by viewing your child’s Canvas classes, and viewing their progress and attendance on Q Parent Connection. You are always welcome to contact your child's teachers regularly via phone, email, conference, or ParentSquare to discuss his/her progress in each class. In addition to teacher notifications, all official school notifications will come through ParentSquare. If at any time you have questions concerning your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for direction. We are proud to serve our students and their families. Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair!

Russell Gibbs


Foothill Technology High School